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You can change the lives of hundreds of orphans by partnering with one of the orphanages we partner with.  The orphanages that you partner with are constantly in need of our support which is why we are always working to raise funds for projects at each orphanage.

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Orphanages We Support

Coreluv Orphanage: Myan, Haiti

In 2012, Coreluv was given 12 beautiful acres in the impoverished community of Myan. Late 2013, Phase 1 of The Myan Orphanage Project was completed Coreluv began making preparations to receive children. In March, the doors to the Coreluv Children’s Village officially opened.  Coreluv thought it would be a couple more weeks before children could be rescued but God had different plans!


The Myan orphanage now houses over 20 children.

MOM Orphanage: Otutulu, Nigeria

Tucked away in a little remote village called Otutulu in central Nigeria is an orphanage bursting at the seams with the love of Christ and filled to overflowing with orphans and the disadvantaged. Ministry of Mercy (MOM) was founded in 1992 by Daniel and Esther Edeh. This orphanage has now grown to over 250 children and is now the largest orphanage in Nigeria.


Founded: 1992
Location: Otutulu, Nigeria
Children in Care: 250+
Full-time Staff: 35

Coreluv Orphanage: Massaide, Haiti

In July of 2014, of Coreluv’s mission teams traveled to Maissade, Haiti to visit a children’s program Coreluv helped to start and had been supporting since October 2012. What Coreluv discovered that day was heart wrenching: 100 children in need with 40 of them being orphaned, having absolutely nothing! No food, no shelter, no hope. Some are sleeping on the floors of the church and others outside on grass mats.


A Coreluv committee has been formed and has been working cohesively in order to improve the circumstances these children were living in. The children have since been moved into a home behind the church.

MOM Orphanage: Lakoja, Nigeria

There’s an orphanage in the village of Lakoja, Nigeria full of young children who are mostly under the age of 5. This orphanage is run by Ministry of Mercy (MOM) and was founded in 2010 by Daniel and Esther Edeh. This newly built orphanage is the home to about 80 children. The staff there work daily to feed, clothe, educate and give medical care to these children.


Founded: 2010
Location: Lakoja, Nigeria
Children in Care: 80+
Full-time Staff: 9

Provide for an orphanage by sponsoring one today